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Holy trinity

The holy trinity is the name I use for the 3 products that have changed my skin so much. Cleansing balm, Everglow and original serum have left my skin supple plump and hydrated. I have struggled with what to use and how to use various makes. Secret Weapon takes out the guesswork and simplifies it all. I will be adding the hylauronic acid if I feel I need it. But for now and so happy with my 57 year old skin.

The Best

Absolutely love this product. Doesn’t feel dry on my skin . Leaves it smooth & glowing. I can see such a difference in a short space of time. Can’t wait to try the serum I’ve just ordered.

My skin is so taught/dry started using this product every morning and feel as tho it’s a lot better .. my daughter commented on how good my skin was looking so must working

Natural Cleansing Duo
Dawn Winsbury
My Go To

Love love love Kate McIver skin products
Just replenished my balm and secret weapon serum and also love the new EverGlow tonic
Cannot recommend these products enough

Amazing as always

I use secret weapon on my clients after most facials but I've also been using it on my daughters facial excema and it cleared up within 2 days have always and will always love it 🥰

Amazing skincare

Love this skincare.


i've just tried this balm and I love it, it's gentle on the skin and gets all makeup off but leaves sking soft and mositurised. I will be buying it again!

Great product

Leaves skin lovely lovely add soft. Great for removing makeup too.

Just starting my journey having chemo … my skin lacked hydration and glow and seemed much more sensitive than normal , so when I came across Kate’s secret weapon serum on Instagram I thought I would give it a go and so far I have been really pleased and my skin all ready looks a lot more hydrated and no sensitivity using it .

Amazing Balm

Love this balm, removes all make up including waterproof mascara. Smells gorgeous and leaves skin feeling amazing, I use every evening with the bamboo flannel, followed by the Original Serum. Love it!

Will never stop buying

This is really a review for the cleanser - I’ve been using the serums for 6 months now and love them. But I’ve avoided using the cleanser as it’s scented with essential oils and I have an allergy to scents. However, my face was so red and itchy that I bit the bullet and tried it - I was amazed! After just one use my allergy-induced itching, swelling and burning was gone! I will never use anything else ever again!

Absolutely lovely

Really lovely serum, I wouldn’t normally spend this amount on serum but I would do again. I’m 60 and my skin was dry this has made a lot of difference.

Natural Cleansing Duo
Debbie Barker
It’s ok

I like the balm and my skin feels lovely afterwards. Unfortunately the serum brings me out in spots near my nose and I don’t get glow that I thought I would get.

Cleansing Pair
Claire Bill
Clear skin at last

I have been using the Kate McIver cleansing balm and serum/toner for around 12 months now. I had been searching for a long time for a cleanser that actually helps the skin rather than just makes it softer. I saw Lisa Faulkner promoting this product on Instagram and something told me to give it a go. I haven’t looked back it has clearered the rosacea that always formed across my nose and which was always worse in summer so I always appeared hot! It didn’t happen over night but perseverance over the weeks paid off and I wouldn’t use anything else now. I’m 62 and feel my skin looks younger and now my 20 year old daughter uses it too. Thank you….. great customer service too xx

Superb products for complete skin care routine

As a long time fan and user of Kate McIver products i am absolutely delighted with the four step formula and the skin tonic is amazingly refreshing.

Secret Weapon Serum - Limited Edition - Normal/Spot Prone ROEBUCK

Perfect for my skin when I have breakouts - spots disappear within days.

Changing with me…

I had been using the limited edition serum for years and absolutely loved it but I realised my skin had changed over time after treatment for acne. I have recently switched to the original serum and it suits my skin perfectly. I have noticed my redness has disappeared and my skin is genuinely glowing. I recommend this brand to everyone who will listen haha, love it!

Great product

Leaves skin lovely and moist.

Best ever skincare products!!!

I have been using the limited edition serum for a few years now & love it, Kate’s story touched my heart from the very start. I have had problem skin since being a teenager and have allergies to many almost all face products. I decided tentatively to add the ever glow to my regime as always a worry with sensitive allergy prone skin. My skin is getting older and looked a little tired,, working for the NHS wearing a mask all day doesn’t help but the difference was amazing. I have totally adopted the full 4 step Kate Mciver regime and wow just wow. Amazing results within a week people at work were saying how great my skin looks, clearer brighter and younger. I am delighted with all the products and as I get married in 4 months will be ever grateful for the amazing results. My face feels spoilt and cared for and smells just divine, just can’t get enough of it. So so pleased with the products & will use them for the rest of my life ❤️


I’ve been using the Original serum for 11 days/nights and it’s amazing! My face had dry red itchy patches around my eyes, lids and neck, they were sore… I kept seeing this serum pop up on Instagram and decided to order. Within a couple of days my skin looked so much smoother and felt better. I went ahead and ordered The Mother’s Day Pamper set and absolutely love the cleansing balm. Thank you so much, this is my go to skin care now.

Everglow literally leaves a glow!

Gorgeous product that perfectly complements the other Kate Mciver products. My skin feels smooth and looks plump and glowing! Highly recommended; my favourite product is the cleansing balm but this is up there with it!

Lovely products great quality

I bought the Mother’s Day gift and was very impressed with the quality and the lovely packaging.
My mum was over the moon with it. I would definitely buy to try for my self

5 star

After 14 days of using this product, it has been amazing for my skin. Spots disappearing and my skin has never looked so bright. Thank you. I can't wait to try more products xx

Fab product

Once again we’ve one of the fab product.
Amazing results. I’ve been using this past few day and I’ve noticed less pigmentation and brighter complexion.
Highly recommend this.

Secret Weapon Serum & Gua Sha

I bought the serum and Gua Sha as a gift for my friend who had never heard of Kate McIver products. My friend absolutely loves the serum and has received several comments about how good her skin looks.