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Frequently Asked Questions

We have taken the most commonly asked questions and popped it here, but if you have something else to ask please contact customercare@katemciverskin.co.uk and we will come back to you. 

 So many people ask, what is the difference between the Secret Weapon Serums?

The Secret Weapon Serum Limited Edition is a serum developed for Normal, Acne, Spot prone skin, yet not very dry.

It has helped others to reduce inflammation, Acne scarring, and improve uneven skin, with its13 natural ingredients. With 13 Natural ingredients including Turmeric and Frankincense it has shown to have supported customers with Acne, Spots, Skin Pigmentation and Melasma.  It is a lighter formula and is loved by Make Up Artists all over the world as it helps to create a dewy finish.  Many customers mix with their foundation to achieve this glowing skin look.  It has firmly become our best-selling serum and

The Secret Weapon Serum Original is a double serum that is for Normal, Dry and Sensitive skin.  Used by lots of Cancer patients whilst going through Chemotherapy, due to the side effects of their treatment.  It was created by Kate McIver to diminish the signs of skin-ageing that she experienced through Chemo and to help her get back that Radiant, Glowing, Firmer Skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  When massaged into the skin the serum works its “Magic” on the epidermis supporting cell rejuvenation.

Both serums are Shortlist award winners being the Editors choice.  They have recently become very popular for those working within the NHS and frontline services where it is a requirement to wear PPE masks.

With 11 natural ingredients to rehydrate and promote cell rejuvenation. Its high concentration of Vitamin E to repair and smooth out fine lines and includes ingredients such as Squalene and Amaranth which is full of anti-ageing goodness.

Skin care with no alcohol, perfume, or parabens.

How do I apply the Secret Weapon Serum?

Two pumps morning and evening post cleansing. Massage thoroughly. You can use moisturiser also if you wish. This product works differently depending upon your type of skin. It is for full facial rejuvenation. We recommend patch testing the serum behind the ear, 24 hours before facial use. It is always advised to start off slowly, applying once per day and building up to twice daily.   It’s very important to introduce one new product every 4 weeks to ensure you know which product may not suit your skim.

If I have Acne what products and tips can you suggest?

We suggest you double cleanse and steam your face each evening followed by the application of the Secret Weapon Serum Limited Edition.

Will it help Melasma?

Customers have enjoyed amazing results and their reviews are visible on our website.  We would recommend the Secret Weapon Serum Limited Edition to support pigmentation unless you have sensitive skin then we would recommend the Original.

 Can I use your products when pregnant?

 There is nothing nasty included in our skin care. We always recommend you patch test for 24 hours prior to full application and try one new product at a time.  Also, all ingredients are listed on our website. 

What is the step by step routine for the Trio of products?

Step 1 - Cleanse your skin with our Cleansing Balm and use your Kate McIver hypoallergenic Bamboo and Cotton hot cloth to remove. Splash your face with cold water leaving your skin slightly damp⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Step 2 - Apply your hyaluronic serum to damp/wet skin ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

If your skin is very dry and the air is also very dry, then leave your skin wet, not dripping wet, so that the hyaluronic serum doesn’t slide off your skin, but still wet rather than damp.

Step 3 - When the serum has absorbed into your skin, which will only take a moment, then you need to apply your Secret Weapon Serum over the top of the Hyaluronic serum, as this will seal the hyaluronic acid and VitC into your skin.

What is the Comedogenic rating of the Secret Weapon Serums?

Many skin care products contain comedogenic ingredients that can cause or exacerbate acne prone skin. If you are acne-prone, you will want to initially stick with products/ingredients that are predominantly 0's, 1's and 2's. None of the ingredients within the Secret Weapons Serums are above this rating. We suggest that you never test more than one new product at a time on your skin as it can take several weeks for a "problem" ingredient to start showing on your skin. Give at least 4 weeks before adding another product into your daily skin care routine. If you don't do this, you may be liable to blame the wrong product for your problems.


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1655 reviews
Amazing products!

I suffered with severe acne all the way through my 20’s which knocked my confidence with not only how I looked, but also with anything I applied to my skin. I just felt sure that anything and everything would cause a break out. That’s when I found Kate McIver products and I haven’t looked back since! I now use the full trio of products and my skin has never felt healthier. As my acne was so bad, I did need medications too - but since finishing those, my beautiful Kate McIver products have helped my skin stay healthy, hydrated and the odd spot I do get is a lot less noticeable and clears quicker! I highly recommend! Xxxx

Skin saviour ❤️

I ate nothing but rubbish during the pandemic! And had lots of breakouts and my face was so sore every morning, with spots! It was driving me mad! So I decided to order the secret weapon serum and facecloths. Wow! I’m so glad I did! It’s calmed it down so much! My skin is no longer sore and the spots and after-marks have really reduced after a week! I apply morning and before bed! Love it!! Well worth the money!!

Eczema prone skin

This serum has literally changed my life!!! I can’t believe how amazing it is. I will never not buy this stuff. My skin has always been bad with eczema and sensitivity, this serum has changed that. I do still get eczema of course but it’s nowhere near anything like it was! My skin is glowing. Thank you so much Kate McIver you’ve given me such a confidence boost I hardly ever wear makeup now!

This is everything you NEED!

This is one of the best products I have ever used in my life and seriously i cannot recommend Kate McIver skin care products enough!!
From the serum to the cleansing balm that i even use as face mask and my skin has never been so perfect, smooth and what a GLOW - it’s just so amazing! If you haven’t order it already do it and thank me later because i know you gone love it!

Being a front line worker and has been working with corona patients sense february last year and wearing face mask all day long and same when I’m working nightshift 10-15 hours has really affected my skin, the air in the hospital and the face mask has really destroyed my skin a lot and it’s so hard to take care of yourself when you see others struggling to survive but Kate Mclver products has really been the only thing i can’t be without and that i have used every day.
After using face masks all day/night so many hours since february has created scars on my face, but these products have been a miracle for me and saved my skin, this is a luxury treat for my skin!

My skin feels and looks better today then before, I have so much more glow now, no scars and most of all you can see the difference between before and after!! My skin has never been in such good condition and i truly believe its down to this product.
I really recommend all the products from Kate but my favorite one is the Secret Weapon Serum - Original - Dry/Sensitive Skin and Cleansing Balm!

Love from Sweden


Lovely room spray. The fragrance is just amazing. Looking forward for perfume with that smell. Really recommended.