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Kate McIver - This is me..

Kate McIver Skin – My Secret Weapon

I have always said there is no hiding your skin – it is an open book telling the world the story of your lifestyle…  

This is my story, my open book, this is me.

I am 30-years-old, mummy to the very beautiful Lucia, wife to my amazing husband Chris, daughter to my incredible parents, sister, friend, business women, professional skin health expert, who has everything to live for, but I have cancer.

Considering myself fundamentally kind hearted and always trying to do good by others, I ask myself, why me, why did I have to get Cancer? 

Like so many others asking the same question we are all faced with the same answer.  Cancer is none discriminatory, it doesn’t care about your age, race, wealth, it can come knocking on anyone’s door.

In 2016, I was devastated to be diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and life as I knew it was about to change dramatically.

After being given the all clear for 12 months, which was a cherished period of sheer relief, I recently learnt that it’s come back to haunt me, rearing its ugly head and is now terminal.

Needless to say I'm doing everything possible to stay alive, although I feel most of the time its all out of my control. 

After six months of intense chemotherapy, four operations & copious amounts of medication on a daily basis, I suffered as so many others do major side effects of this exhausting treatment which caused detrimental effects on my skin.

  • Extreme dryness
  • Lines appearing
  • Black/purple circles under the eyes
  • Scarring 

During my treatment I threw myself into research looking for a formula with no nasties and couldn’t find all of the ingredients I wanted in one product.  I needed a solution to give me the best possible chance of combatting the side effects of Chemo, so I decided to get a formula produced.

I embarked on a journey to change my skin, which in fact has changed my life and the lives of others and its what I refer to as my Secret Weapon!

I wasn’t going to let this traumatic experience break me or impact my physical appearance more than it already had from here The Secret Weapon* was born.

This is part of my Cancer journey and the only positive element that I am holding onto.  Never did I imagine to be able to help so many people with THE SECRET WEAPON.  Selling out for the first time was an unbelievable achievement and I the products success is due to customer testimonials and their before and after pictures, their bravery is overwhelming. The results have been life-changing for me & many others who have gone through Chemotherapy or have general skin problems.  The results from Acne, Melasma, Ageing are all incredible.

Celebrities have been using the serum and also sharing their results - Danielle Lloyd’s, Alex Gerard, Vicky Pattison, Billie Faiers, Cara Kilby, Jessica Hayes, Sophie Kasaei, Jude Cisse to name but a few.  MUA's to the stars are raving about using the Secret Weapon, prepping their clients skin to get a beautiful glowing finish.

Secret Weapons formula was to aid anyone who suffered with similar side effects to myself and suit all skin types.  Knowing first-hand how Cancer not only physically, but emotionally effects a person I believed the Secret Weapon would give people them their confidence back.

Life is too short and no matter what you are going through mentally or psychically, you have the right to look & feel the best you possibly can.

I want to help as many people as possible feel truly happy in their own skin.

Love Kate x


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832 reviews
Stick With It!

I cant believe the difference in my skin in 2 months!
Id tried everything to clear my skin
but nothing ever seemed to work but then i found your serum!
At first i was a bit disheartened as i didnt have fast results like some of the other before and after pics where peoples skin had cleared in just a few days but im so glad i stuck with it!
I found that im best only using it once a day and i do this after steaming my face as your website recommends.
I did get quite a few more spots at first but i think this was it all coming out but then i started to notice an improvement. I will definitely keep using the serum and cant wait to see what my skin will look like in another few months!

Definitely recommend!!

Having been in the beauty and skin industry for several years, and trying ALOT of skin products, I can honestly say this serum is brilliant. Having oily skin, I don’t always like to wear an oil. Is what people don’t always realise is an oily skin is a dehydrated skin, and needs an oil. This is a lovely oil and would definitely recommend.

Lovely product

Love using this serum, I have sensitive skin and have had no reaction to skin feels softer and plumper, would highly recommend

I love this serum

Has made my skin so much better and saw improvement in days. My pores are so much smaller and my skin looks so healthy

Teenage son using product too

It has been a miracle for my teenage sons ache and and helped reduce pigmentation marks. It’s also given my skin a healthy youthful glow. Love it! And I’m converted.