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Kate McIver Legacy - Charity Work

Kate was profoundly kind hearted and was very passionate about helping others in any way she could. Through Kate’s journey with cancer, she was always selflessly thinking of others and how she could make somebody else’s life or cancer journey that little better. Knowing all too well the emotional struggle and side effects of cancer treatment, she began giving treatments to other ladies who were going through the same journey, often becoming a friend and a source of inspiration and advice, in turn further inspiring Kate to help others.

Kate’s wish to support others and to raise awareness of cancer, particularly in young people, will continue to live on within her company. Below are some of Kate McIver Skin’s relationships and charitable contributions.


Kate was a huge supporter of breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeelPeople, with their aligned vision of raising awareness of breast cancer amongst young people. After Kate’s second diagnosis and the launch of the Original Secret Weapon, whilst continuing to support individuals going through their own treatment, Kate wanted to financially support CoppaFeel on a longer-term basis by generously donating 10% of all sales of her 30ml Secret Weapon Original Serum to this great cause. To date, £6,886.78 has been donated.

Kate McIver Skin continue to have close relationship with CoppaFeelPeople and has very recently been a supporter of their Festifeel event by donating the Secret Weapon Original Serum for their VIP’s and volunteers gift bags.

We have recently changed our pledge and increased the product lines whereby we donated a fixed amount to CoppaFeelPeople.  £1 from every 30ml, £0.50 from every Original bottle sold.

Also, we introduce in December an additional charity giving product - 7 Cleansing Cloths and a Muslin bag with a £1 donation from every box sold to the charity, with the message of checking your breasts as often as washing your face.

Cancer Research UK

In the build up to Christmas 2018, celebrating the launch of Secret Weapon Limited Edition, Kate McIver Skin pledged to donate £5 of every bottle of 30ml Secret Weapon Limited Edition sold to Cancer Research UK, raising £4,895 for this vital cause.

In a very emotional and heartfelt day, in memory of Kate’s life, members of the Kate McIver Skin team, friends and family took part in Liverpool’s 10k Race for Life. The day’s runners started at the sound of the bell, proudly rung by Kate’s parents and daughter, Lucia. An incredible £2,200 was raised on the day by the Kate McIver Skin team, friends and family and donations from the sales of Kate McIver products sold on the day. 


With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Kate McIver Skin team wanted to do something extraordinary.  Up and down the country people gave their time to a Cancer Warriors with one aim to put a smile on their faces.  Facialists, nail technicians, reiki healers, hairdressers so many businesses came together to remember Kate and reach out to their local communities offering some me time to those that have or are still going through Cancer treatment.  With over 35 individuals businesses taking part.  Our own clinic in Chester provided facials all day long and we teamed up with local businesses in the vicinity to give a full day of services and relaxation.  The event was recognised by local paper - Chester Standard 

Due to the love of the brand by many celebrities showed their support.  The team reached out to some celebrities who have an affection for Kate's skin care products and her inspirational work.   Three special ladies helped us to spoiling randomly selected few Cancer Warriors that we took on a trip to remember to London, Trinny Woodall, Gaby Roslin and Lisa Snowdon.

All travelled courtesy of Virgin Trains, First Class arriving to a courtesy Champagne reception at the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch.

First stop - Trinny Woodall's HQ - Trinny London

Trinny met out Cancer Warriors and they all enjoyed a make up master class with Katie top MUA and came away with a whole range of matched Trinny London make up.  Feeling glam and ready for shopping with then left with a spring in our step thanks to the incredible team.

Watch our Cancer Warriors meet Trinny and get a make up master class at Trinny London

Second stop - Gaby Roslins - "Shopping in her John Lewis Wardrobe"

Watch our Cancer Warriors laugh and smile with the infectious Gaby 

Third stop - Nicky Clarkes - Mayfair salon for an incredible pamper time and lots of goodies for the team

Fourth stop - MontCalm Hotel Marble Arch - Club Lounge 

Final stop -  was at the very trendy Aqua Neauva Restaurant part who laid on a tasting dinner for our Cancer Warriors and they guests whilst chatting to Lisa Snowdon, hearing all about her time on This Morning, her modelling days and how she stays so youthful.

International Cancer Charities

It was Kate's desire to make an impact where ever she sold her skin care products.  In October this year we had our very first engagement overseas in America with Painted Pink whose mission is to educate every millennial on breast health in the US.  We provided all of their guests and volunteers with the Secret Weapon Serum and we are in discussions to provide further support in 2020.  

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Serum has changed my skin completely!

The secret weapon serum has been so amazing for my skin, I’ve used it in my daily routine since August when I was struggling to get rid of my spots,
I had at least 9 spots on my forehead alone and it was really getting me down, I was unable to wear makeup without my skin reacting to it. Since using the serum I am thrilled to say that I have NO SPOTS whatsoever and now only get one or two on occasion, this is something that I have hoped for such a long time but didn’t think it was possible, I can’t thank Kate mciver enough, this serum also helps with spot scars and I would love to invest in some more of their new products. Thank you so much x

Miracle balm!

Ive only been using the cleansing balm and serum for 2 days but im seriously impressed!! When i first came across the product and saw the before and after pics i have to say i was sceptical surely the results couldn’t be this good! But after just 2 days of using morning and night i can already see a huge improvement! I suffer with permanent redness and an uneven skin tone and constant breakouts but the redness has gone right down and my spots are clearing. Ive used loads of different “sensitive” cleansers in the past but all have irritated my skin and made it redder than ever! I even found clinique to sting after use but this makes my skin feel instantly soft and smooth! And no stinging!!! I’ll definitely recommend this to everyone i know and continue to use!

Like a filter in a bottle

I am one of those people that struggle to commit to a Netflix account let alone a beauty product, I’m always so drawn into the lasted product and pages on insta that my makeup drawers end up full of lotions and potions promising to give you the best results, I’ve always had good skin until recently I’ve had some kind of stress triggered condition that would lead to flare ups , Ive been back and forth to the drs with little help, I don’t thing they saw it as a big deal because compared to some cases it wasn’t but I’ve always been known for my skin im a hairstylist and I’d say nearly every client that sits in my chair would always ask my about my skin , so as of late this has been huge to me it got me so so down, I’d wake up in the middle of the night checking if it had got any better or worse which then led me to google to look for help and I’d be ordering this that and the other hoping it would help me but nothing did all it ended up doing was stressing me and worrying me even more which again led to agressive flare ups , I was so so close to giving up then I came across Kate mciver skin on Instagram I was stunned by the reviews and photos that I thought right this is the last thing I’m trying, I ordered it a day before Christmas Eve and to my amazement it arrived the following day,
So after cleansing I put it on and was impressed by how little you need it was like silk and had no chemical smell to it (like most in my drawer) over there next few days I saw a great refuge in the redness I was already feeling better so I made a commitment to myself to get into a routine with it and by god the difference is amazing and I’m so glad I gave it a try my skin is back to what it was but most importantly so am I.
This product will now always be my go too and I’ve had a clear out of everything else that I’ve gathered up in the beauty cubored, I can’t wait to try other products from this range Thankyou so much for the magic in the bottle

Amazing cleansing balm truely inlove

I’m so in love with the secretWeapon Cleansing balm. It smells amazing the scent is very calming. It’s just what my skin needs it leaves it hydrated cleansed glowing smooth and fresh all in one.Its also is great as a mask and removes all makeup. Thank you KateMciverskin for another amazing product💓x

Amazing serum!!

I’ve used this serum before and stopped using it to see how my skin would react. My spots returned so I began using the serum again. I’ve been using it for 2/3 weeks now and my skin has never felt better!! My spots have pretty much cleared and my face has never felt this smooth. Definitely recommend this serum if you’re after quick results which last a long time!!❤️