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Cleansing Balm, Cleansing Cloth & Secret Weapon Serum - Original  or Limited  - 30ml

Cleansing Balm and the Secret Weapon Serum work beautifully together.  Made with love for all Skin Types.  

The Cleansing Balm has 16 Natural Ingredients including Lavender, Geranium and Chamomile for a heavenly relaxing aroma and can be used as a face mask for deeper hydration. It is Hydrating, Rejuvenating and Calming. 

Followed by the best selling Secret Weapon Serum packed full of Natural and Vegan  ingredients.  

The Secret Weapon Original is a Double Serum that works for normal, dehydrated and sensitive skin.  Used by Cancer patients whilst going through Chemotherapy as it is so gentle on your skin.  It has firmly become the go to Skin Care for the NHS and Frontline workers whilst wearing PPE.  Recommended application in the morning and evening post cleansing and using Hyaluronic Kakadu Serum.  The Secret Weapon Serum will seal in the hydration of your Hyaluronic product.

The Secret Weapon Serum Limited Edition  works with all skin types, we would not recommend for very sensitive.  This serum/oil is lovely to wear under your makeup of a morning, its also fantastic to mix with your foundation.  It has 13 Natural ingredients and two of the key ingredients Frankincense and Turmeric have found to reduce Melasma and our formula has seen Amazing Customer Results for both Acne and Spot Prone Skin. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Amazing products

I have struggled with adult acne ever since having my children. I have tried everything from the doctors and spent a fortune on products and treatments for the last 7 years. I would never leave the house with out make up on and at it’s worst wanted to wear a bag on my head when leaving the house. I first tried the limited serum and after 4 weeks my skin was dramatically improved, the general texture and appearance made me just want to see my skin without foundation. My breakouts have nearly completely disappeared. I needed a new serum and wanted to get the cleansing balm as the serum has been such a lovely product and I am so glad I did. I now have to wear a mask and visor at work and I’ve taken the balm to work to clean my face where my mask has been In between clients to keep and breakouts hopefully at bay. Kate McIver products have made me love my skin and I never thought anything would work 😊

Absolutely Spectacular💫

I’ve been using the Limited edition Serum for over a year now with fabulous results, my skins so soft plump & all round radiant tone.The cleansing balm is magnificent the texture the smell leaving my skin looking refreshed & revitalised resulting with instant glow 💫

Amazing products

I have been using the cleansing balm and serum for a few years now, wouldn’t use anything else on my skin. Totally in love with both products!

So far so good!

I’ve been using the natural cleansing duo for about two weeks now. I randomly broke out on my temples, forehead and neck and this seems to be helping it clear! I’ve noticed a huge improvement and I’m really happy with it! Will be continuing to use these products and will definitely purchase more when I need too! Ive never really suffered with bad skin, but this has made a huge difference in a short space of time, I couldn’t recommend it enough! Thank you! X


I’ve been using Kate’s limited edition serum and the cleansing balm for about a year now - my skin has improved so much for the better. My skin tone is more even, my acne scars have faded, and my skin feels sooo moisturised whenever I use the serum. Best stuff I’ve ever used on my skin!!

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Life changing

The secret weapon ltd edition serum has changed my skin and is the first thing that has ever worked for me. I started using in lockdown 1 and seen a huge change in the space of 3 weeks.

I am a teacher and am currently still working in school. The maskne is real and the Kate McIver bottle is empty. I just know that I can't live without this serum now and have learned to never run out! I will continue to recommend this to everyone!

Amazing products!

I suffered with severe acne all the way through my 20’s which knocked my confidence with not only how I looked, but also with anything I applied to my skin. I just felt sure that anything and everything would cause a break out. That’s when I found Kate McIver products and I haven’t looked back since! I now use the full trio of products and my skin has never felt healthier. As my acne was so bad, I did need medications too - but since finishing those, my beautiful Kate McIver products have helped my skin stay healthy, hydrated and the odd spot I do get is a lot less noticeable and clears quicker! I highly recommend! Xxxx

Skin saviour ❤️

I ate nothing but rubbish during the pandemic! And had lots of breakouts and my face was so sore every morning, with spots! It was driving me mad! So I decided to order the secret weapon serum and facecloths. Wow! I’m so glad I did! It’s calmed it down so much! My skin is no longer sore and the spots and after-marks have really reduced after a week! I apply morning and before bed! Love it!! Well worth the money!!

Eczema prone skin

This serum has literally changed my life!!! I can’t believe how amazing it is. I will never not buy this stuff. My skin has always been bad with eczema and sensitivity, this serum has changed that. I do still get eczema of course but it’s nowhere near anything like it was! My skin is glowing. Thank you so much Kate McIver you’ve given me such a confidence boost I hardly ever wear makeup now!

This is everything you NEED!

This is one of the best products I have ever used in my life and seriously i cannot recommend Kate McIver skin care products enough!!
From the serum to the cleansing balm that i even use as face mask and my skin has never been so perfect, smooth and what a GLOW - it’s just so amazing! If you haven’t order it already do it and thank me later because i know you gone love it!

Being a front line worker and has been working with corona patients sense february last year and wearing face mask all day long and same when I’m working nightshift 10-15 hours has really affected my skin, the air in the hospital and the face mask has really destroyed my skin a lot and it’s so hard to take care of yourself when you see others struggling to survive but Kate Mclver products has really been the only thing i can’t be without and that i have used every day.
After using face masks all day/night so many hours since february has created scars on my face, but these products have been a miracle for me and saved my skin, this is a luxury treat for my skin!

My skin feels and looks better today then before, I have so much more glow now, no scars and most of all you can see the difference between before and after!! My skin has never been in such good condition and i truly believe its down to this product.
I really recommend all the products from Kate but my favorite one is the Secret Weapon Serum - Original - Dry/Sensitive Skin and Cleansing Balm!

Love from Sweden