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As part of the ongoing success of the Kate McIver Brand, we are looking to further develop the brand Internationally and are looking for well established companies who are capable of building our brand in both retail and salon environments.

If you would like to to discuss distribution opportunities further please contact our Sales & Marketing Director:

Kathryn Orr


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Miracle in a bottle ✨🙌🏻

When I first found out I was pregnant I struggled with hormonal breakouts. I thought I was never going to feel comfortable in my skin again because I was limited to using products that contained acne clearing ingredients. I came across the limited edition serum and it saved my skin. Within a week I noticed my redness and texture had reduced , a month later I now have no breakout activity at all and my scarring is almost gone not to mention my skin texture is so smooth. I now feel comfortable again 🙌🏻✨ I will continue to carry this little bottle of magic with me everywhere . Thank you 🙏🏼

It gave me back my life!

This has allowed me to give me all my confidence! With in a week my spots have cleared up and I can’t wait to see what a months progress will be like.

Game changing Serum!!

I’ve been using this product for under two months and my skin is nearly clear! I can’t believe it my acne was really bad and nothing the GP prescribed me worked and just irritated and burned my skin! I am so pleased with the product I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with problematic skin. It’s amazing!!

Results in 3/4 days

I’ve only been using the limited edition serum for about 3/4 days now and my skin has cleared up already I can’t believe it how fast and amazing it’s worked. Such an amazing product thank you so much❤️

What a miracle!

I had terrible skin last year and tried everything, mineral make up, tablets, vitamins, expensive facials and nothing worked, it was making me depressed and effecting my confidence. I took a shot with the original secret weapon serum and I am so glad I did! I really wanted better skin for my wedding, and my skin is better than ever! I got these results in just three months. Thank you ❤️