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Clear Skin Facial

30 minute treatment | £50 

Recommended course of 6 treatments - 1 per month for long lasting results.

Kate McIver Skin Clinic brings to you the CLEAR SKIN FACIAL this is a 30 minute facial that is primarily to decongest your skin. The exfoliation, extraction, massage, steam and mask application during this facial treatment will lead to skin rejuvenation, or in other words – a fresh, renewed skin.
It will improves the appearance of the skin, giving it a healthy, radiant glow and balanced complexion.

An estimated 80% of people experience acne breakouts at all ages of life.  Acne-prone skin is common, but it doesn’t have to be frequent. From the occasional breakout to persistent spots and blemishes, Kate McIver  designed our Clear Skin Facial to treat, clean, and prevent breakouts.

This powerful treatment jump-starts acne clearing and discourages it from coming back. Your highly trained skin therapist will use proven techniques and professional products to customize your Clear Skin Facial treatment.


you suffer with a build up of 
PERFECT FOR TEENAGE SKIN and prep for A.C.N.E facial 
What’s involved - ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
1. Our facialist will look at your skin first to decide what your face requires from pHformula treatment products and talk through your concerns.
2. Double Steam Cleanse
3. Microdermabrasion 
4. Resurfacing treatment 
5. Extraction of blackheads 
6. Opera LED 
7. Facial massage⠀

Down time - 1 days | Not Safe when pregnant

30 minute treatment | £50 

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989 reviews
Amazing serum!

I saw all the reviews on this Secret Limited edition serum and wanted to try this for myself! I have been using the serum for 2 weeks now and can't believe the results already?! I have oily skin so have to be careful what i place on it - i was a bit dubious about using the serum initially as it has oil in it but wanted to give it a try and so glad i did! I wear no make up now, i use my serum twice daily (after washing and cleansing my face morning and night). My face now feels refreshed, unclogged and clean! Thank you so much for this wonderful product! The pic on the left was prior to me using the serum and the right pic is after using it for 2 weeks - my skin is so much healthier, glowing and has less blemishes!
Thank you again!
From one very happy customer!!! xx

Best thing I’ve ever brought !!!

The journey so far has been amazing !!! You have saved my life !! A weeks difference between the pics I can’t believe it I’m feeling much more confident each day I can’t wait to see more results, perfect skin for Christmas !!! 💘💘😄 Thank youuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Saved my life!

Can’t express how much I love this product it has made my skin completely different and got rid of most of my bad skin! I have really oily skin too and was worried it would be too shiny on me but it isn’t at all! I noticed the difference straight away such an amazing product and lasts so long! Amazing stuff x


This serum is magic !!!
I have suffered with acne for years and no drugs from the doctors or creams have worked , a friend of mine suggested I try this and I will never look back now , I wear it a night and my skin feels amazing in the morning, it stopes the itchy ness and red ness of the spots and even helps prevent my breakouts , my skin is a lot clearer now , also I think it’s helped a lot with my scaring ❤️

Fighting Cancer with a Secret Weapon

EVERY time I use this product I feel special, protected and empowered. It really is a SECRET WEAPON.

I just bought 6 bottles - PERFECT Christmas gift for my dear friends and family.

Don't think twice - order, use and you will be convinced.