Secret Weapon Room Spray - 50ml - Saving £5

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Fill your interior with a beautiful blend of Amber, Jasmine, Gardenia, Musks and light sugar, filling your space with a divine, spa-like scent that’ll help you wind down and relax.  Hand-poured and made with glass wear by artisans in the UK.  

As your day draws to a close many of you will be dreading going to bed as you may be suffering from a restless sleep, anxiety during the night which can often lead to insomnia, spray a little on your pillowcase. 

Beautifully curated mix of fragrance oils with top notes of Amber, Jasmin, Gardenia, Musks and light sugar 

Gardenia has a reputation for being Relaxing.

Amber Induces Peace and Relaxation

Jasmine helps reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression, to improve symptoms such as insomnia, palpitations, and irritability.

Musk It's lightly soothing and meditative effect will create an ambience of tranquillity and inner calm. 

In a sleek glass bottle, spray around your interiors for a relaxing atmosphere. 

50ml (contains no Alcohol) 100% Natural Vegan Ingredients  

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