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Secret Weapon Hyaluronic Kakadu Serum

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We are proud of the Hyaluronic Kakadu serum which has outstanding multifunctional active ingredients for youthful, radiant skin and induces outstanding results on the skin. Transforming the appearance of dull, tired and de-hydrated skin.  Anti-ageing - Moisturising - Pro-Collagen  

The results on the appearance of wrinkles and skin radiance are backed up by clinical trials- 

  • Includes multi-weighted forms of Hyaluronic Acid
  • Extracted from the Australian Kakadu plum, the world’s highest source of vitamin C

Two results driven ingredients brought together to Illuminate your skin, Protect and Reinforce the dermis for a beautiful skin aspect.  Extracted from Kakadu plum, the world’s highest source of vitamin C together with a Hyaluronic Acid with a mixed molecular weight of low, medium and high molecules which will improves skin radiance & boosts skin luminosity.

Kakadu Plum ingredient has been clinically proven to after 1 month:

  • Reduce wrinkle volume by 41%
  • Reduce wrinkle length by 39%
  • Boosts skin tone and evenness by 14%
  • Reduces skin redness by 2.2%
  • Boosts skin brightness by 1.7%


  • Increases Antioxidant activity by 79%
  • Boosts New Collagen Synthesis by 144%
  • Stimulates VitC by 106%


  • Skin radiance enhancement after 15 days +21%
  • Skin radiance enhancement after 30 days +30%
  • 100% of the subjects demonstrated a positive effect.

If you want a high performing product that Induces skin brightening, reduces wrinkles and skin luminosity this product is for you. 

How to apply

3 drops each morning to a cleansed face, neck and décolletage.  YOUR FACE MUST BE DAMP/WET.  Follow with your preferred Secret Weapon Serum to seal the hydration of the Hyaluronic Serum.


100 X more in vitamin C content - Australian Super fruit extracted from the world’s richest source of vitamin C.  Extracted from the Australian Kakadu plum, the world’s highest source of vitamin C.  Protects and reinforces the dermis to reduce the appearance of ageing signs.


Skin benefits 

Energizes dull looking skin - Improves the skin radiance & luminosity 
Induces skin brightening, reduces the appearance of skin redness and improves overall skin tone evenness. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.  Cocktail of antioxidants to help reduce skin damage induced by oxidative stress.  Visible wrinkle reduction and skin luminosity booster.

This cocktail of antioxidants will help reduce skin damage induced by oxidative stress, stimulates the expression of SVCT-I, the vitamin C transporter of the skin and boost collagen production.

Gloss value is a parameter of the skin radiance. It defines the ability of the skin to reflect the light and is directly linked to the skin surface quality.

Boosts Collagen production

Kakadu has the same if not better antioxidant activity after 30 minutes and 24hours than vitamin C 
-Stimulates Hyaluronic Acid Synthesis 
-Stimulates Pro-Collagen I synthesis 
-Increases skin radiance and gloss by 10% after 10 days and 17% after 30 days. improves skin surface quality and therefore increases it's luminosity 
-Skin is smoother/texture is reduced by 5% after 15 days and 11% after 30 days  

  • 2 groups of 20 women volunteers (A: Mean age of 47, B: mean age of 37).
    • Application of a 2% Kakadu cream or placebo on split-face & split-neck, 2x/day for 30 days.
    •Crow’s feet wrinkle measurement with derma TOP blue and B: Gloss value measurement with spectropolarimeter.


With a mixed molecular weight spectrum of low, medium and high molecular weight the ingredient will achieve the following results -

  • Better permeation than low and high HA used separately
  • Enhances permeability of water soluble actives
  • Enhances permeability of oil/lipo soluble actives - great to apply before Secret Weapon Serum
  • Enhances hydration and moisturisation- hydration is maintained after 2 hours and therefore a fantastic moisturiser
  • Protects against short term dehydration
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Increases skin smoothness
  • Short term reduction in wrinkles by approx 7% at 30 minutes and 3% at 4 hours
  • Decrease in wrinkle volume

Why is Kakadu Plum extract is great for Acne ?

Vitamin C Clears Skin Redness

One of the most observable effects of using a product with Vitamin C when dealing with acne is its ability to reduce skin inflammation and redness.   It also strengthens the tiniest of blood vessels - the capillaries. Capillaries are almost microscopic but crucial. They are in charge of bringing precious nutrients and oxygen to even the deepest levels of skin.  It is these basal layers of skin cells that cause most of the redness on our face.  Vit C makes the walls of the blood vessels stronger and reduces the instances of micro-bleeding, thereby making your skin look less red and inflamed. 

Ingredients -

Water - Aqua, Surfac G995 - Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate - Sodium Hyaluronate ,Euxyl PE9010 - Phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin, Superox C AF - Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract, Aqua, Glycerin, PrincipHYAL - Sodium Hyaluronate (mix of molecular weights-only 'sodium hyaluronate'


If within 30 days post your purchase your skin isn't happy with the serum you are eligible for a full refund, you must log any concerns via email to customercare@katemciverskin.co.uk.  For the full T&C's go to our Returns Policy.


Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

I have been using this for just over a month and it’s actually unreal the effect it’s had on my skin.

I love it so much I took it away last weekend and had it on after my dip in the hot tub for extra effect,

My skin is super sensitive and this is one of a handful of products that doesn’t irritate it. I’ve had so many comments on how glowing and smooth my face is.

5 stars and then some...

Actual wizardry!

I have tried to switch up my skin care routine, whilst having time throughout lockdown and I came across this gem!
The results are amazing! My skin feels and looks fresher than ever!
I am getting married in 8 months and feel so lucky to have discovered this product as it has genuinely changed my life.
I have always had larger pores and shiny skin and this neutralises everything and makes me look fresh and dewy instead of shiny.
1000000% recommend! X

Totally Amazing!!!!

Skincare I just cannot live without! From the smell, the feel, the look of the packaging to the fact it all actually works and it’s not just another skincare gimmick, being in my early 40’s I’ve tried the lot!, I would give the whole range 10/10 and I’ve even treated myself to the candle and it smells divine. Even got my Son onto the original serum for his acne scared skin and he just loves it so much he now purchases it himself. xxx

Little bottle of magic!

Absolutely love this hyluronic serum. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and this one is by far the best. The packaging, the glass and everything about it feels so chic. My skin feels absolutely amazing when I use this. Its as if I’ve put on a moisturising face mask. Will definitely by again I’m obsessed!

Amazing results !!

Kate Mciver

I’ve suffered over the years with mild acne, large pores and sun damaged skin. I’ve tried and tested so many products yet never been able to find one which works for me. Kate McIver changed the whole game !!
I initially was using the secret weapon serum and immediately could see results. After a couple of weeks of use my skin tone was more even, pores smaller and acne had vanished I couldn’t believe it. Friends and family were commenting on my skin and in turn have bought It themselves and they are all as amazed with is as me. I decided to add the hyaluronic kakadu serum to my routine as I do have fine lines/ wrinkles and this is just as amazing as the secret weapon serum. I’ve been using it now for around 2 weeks alongside the secret weapon serum. My skin feels tighter, brighter and in turn my skin is glowing. The redness is my cheeks has reduced dramatically. I could not be without either of these in my life now. My face looks amazing without make up now but I also found it helps my make up look even fresher for longer when used beforehand.
I will definitely be recommending the hyaluronic kakadu serum as must now too !
Please note one of the pics added with this review I’ve just used the hyaluronic serum with a dermaroller on my face ( it helps it penetrate the serum into the skin deeper ) hence the slight redness to my face.
Thanks again Kate McIver for another fab must have serum !

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1655 reviews
Amazing products!

I suffered with severe acne all the way through my 20’s which knocked my confidence with not only how I looked, but also with anything I applied to my skin. I just felt sure that anything and everything would cause a break out. That’s when I found Kate McIver products and I haven’t looked back since! I now use the full trio of products and my skin has never felt healthier. As my acne was so bad, I did need medications too - but since finishing those, my beautiful Kate McIver products have helped my skin stay healthy, hydrated and the odd spot I do get is a lot less noticeable and clears quicker! I highly recommend! Xxxx

Skin saviour ❤️

I ate nothing but rubbish during the pandemic! And had lots of breakouts and my face was so sore every morning, with spots! It was driving me mad! So I decided to order the secret weapon serum and facecloths. Wow! I’m so glad I did! It’s calmed it down so much! My skin is no longer sore and the spots and after-marks have really reduced after a week! I apply morning and before bed! Love it!! Well worth the money!!

Eczema prone skin

This serum has literally changed my life!!! I can’t believe how amazing it is. I will never not buy this stuff. My skin has always been bad with eczema and sensitivity, this serum has changed that. I do still get eczema of course but it’s nowhere near anything like it was! My skin is glowing. Thank you so much Kate McIver you’ve given me such a confidence boost I hardly ever wear makeup now!

This is everything you NEED!

This is one of the best products I have ever used in my life and seriously i cannot recommend Kate McIver skin care products enough!!
From the serum to the cleansing balm that i even use as face mask and my skin has never been so perfect, smooth and what a GLOW - it’s just so amazing! If you haven’t order it already do it and thank me later because i know you gone love it!

Being a front line worker and has been working with corona patients sense february last year and wearing face mask all day long and same when I’m working nightshift 10-15 hours has really affected my skin, the air in the hospital and the face mask has really destroyed my skin a lot and it’s so hard to take care of yourself when you see others struggling to survive but Kate Mclver products has really been the only thing i can’t be without and that i have used every day.
After using face masks all day/night so many hours since february has created scars on my face, but these products have been a miracle for me and saved my skin, this is a luxury treat for my skin!

My skin feels and looks better today then before, I have so much more glow now, no scars and most of all you can see the difference between before and after!! My skin has never been in such good condition and i truly believe its down to this product.
I really recommend all the products from Kate but my favorite one is the Secret Weapon Serum - Original - Dry/Sensitive Skin and Cleansing Balm!

Love from Sweden


Lovely room spray. The fragrance is just amazing. Looking forward for perfume with that smell. Really recommended.