Working your happy muscle!

May 16, 2021

Working your happy muscle!

You may be aware that it is Mental Health Awareness week. It’s an annual event that was originally founded by The Mental Health Foundation 21 years ago to give everyone in the UK the opportunity to focus on achieving good mental health. Now, it is one of the biggest awareness weeks, not only in the UK but also across the world. Raising awareness will help to bring the support and understanding that is needed to help those who are suffering with their mental health.

Mental illness now affects one in four people so chances are, you will know someone who suffers with mental health or you suffer from it yourself. The idea of Mental Health awareness week is to get everyone talking about their own experiences with mental health. MIND a charity for mental health, recently surveyed over 1000 GP’s and found that there is an increasing demand for mental health in primary care. GP’s also reported that 40% of their appointments now involve mental health. Based on these statistics, more people are being open with their health professionals about their mental health which is great news. It also seems that as a society we are more aware of our own mental health and how having good mental health is vital to our well-being.

Self-care is a huge part of maintaining good mental health, our blog title today was inspired by the lovely Louisa Bradshaw White, well know and loved actress from Eastenders shared a video on her social media with Mental Health Awareness week in mind.

Louisa openly says she’s suffered hugely with her mental health in the past. Louisa talks about working her happy muscle every day and is a big believer in breathwork as part of her self-care routine. Louisa wants to help people like herself by creating a community of like-minded people, who uplift and support one another, which you can find here 

Kate, of Kate McIver Skin always said “no matter what you are going through, mentally or physically, you have the right to look and feel the best you possibly can”.

We understand that struggling with your skin can have a detrimental effect on your mental health. We receive so many messages from men and women who are desperate for help with their skin. They have told us that the impact on their self-esteem and confidence is debilitating, sometimes to the point where some people don’t want to leave the house. We respond to every message with kindness and compassion, we do our best to advise and educate everyone with regards to skincare and share Self care tips that offer comfort. Remember, our door is always open.

If you are struggling, in any way with your mental health please have a look at the resources below for support, information and advice. MIND MENTALHEALTH.ORG  

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