Summer and Sun Protection

June 04, 2021

Summer and Sun Protection

We all know the importance of using an SPF on our skin to protect us from the sun. At Kate McIver we recommend that you use SPF every day, whether the sun is shining or not, whether it’s winter or summer it’s vital we protect our skin from UV damage. With the nicer weather recently, we are all desperate to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. We just need to make sure we do it safely and look after our skin at the same time. 

The benefits of the sun and our friend Vitamin D are abundant, it makes us feel better, it helps our general wellbeing and can even help regulate our blood pressure. On the other hand, too much exposure can cause severe damage to our skin. 

  Did you know that when you use either of our serums alongside your SPF, (whether it be the Original or Limited edition) the SPF is more effective. This is due to the natural SPF in the oils that we use in our serums. Additionally, the oils have their own qualities which lock in moisture.

Below, we look at two examples of the oils within the Secret Weapon Serum and how they work. 

Coconut oil brings countless benefits when it comes to our skin. Put simply, there isn’t much it doesn’t do. Its antioxidants prevent premature ageing, it keeps the skins surface smooth and retains moisture. It is rejuvenating, hydrating and promotes new skin growth due to its high Vitamin E content. Coconut oil blocks only an estimated 20 percent of the sun's damaging rays so you must use with an SPF of 30 no less.  


Evening primrose oil is very effective at reducing hyper-pigmentation, its key ingredients are essential fatty acids. These help strengthen the skins barrier and reduce moisture loss. 

We would advise wearing your serum under your SPF, and it will support the hard work of your SPF will protect your skin from the sun.

So which SPF's would we recommend whilst we develop of our Clean, Non Toxic Tinted SPF - 

Green People are an award winning UK Natural non perfume sun screen provider with safe, non toxic filters and a blend of antioxidant rich Green Tea. Rosemary, Edelweiss. 

We also love Sun bum, yes that's right Sun bum.. This sunscreen received a near perfect score for sensitive skin.  One of our team loves this as it goes on like a makeup primer, a little bit like our secret weapons serum Limited Edition.

Finally, the last product I want share it one that saved my daughters skin, Photoderm Bioderm who is allergic to lanolin and whilst in high temperatures in the middle east, finding a high factor sunscreen that did not irritate was trial and error but this worked a treat.  

We would love to receive your feedback on the comments below of which are your favourite SPF's.


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