Trinny Loves Kate McIver

November 06, 2021

Trinny Loves Kate McIver

Another fabulous week at Kate McIver Skin..

So last week when we were sitting down watching Trinny do a Facebook Live to do a Skin Care Q&A
We could not believe our eyes when we seen her include our Secret Weapon Serum in her favourite serums!
It is not the first time Trinny has shouted from the rooftops about her love for Kate McIver Skincare..
In December 2019.. Trinny included us in her blog about her favourite facial oils!
This is what she had to say:
"First up is Kate McIver Secret Weapon Serum (£39.99). I can tell this product has more evening primrose in it from the consistency. It is slightly more dribbly and slides down the hand more. It was developed by Kate especially for women who have just come out of cancer. It was developed to treat paper-thin skin exposed to the harsh chemicals of chemotherapy, but the evening primrose and sea buckthorn oil also work extremely well for hormonal skin."
Last Week:
In her Skincare Q&A Trinny Reminded Everyone how much she loves the Secret Weapon Serum and that it is something which is installed into her routine and gave a gorgeous brief about our Kate and the brand itself. 

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