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Join or sponsor the Kate McIver Race For Life team - 7th July, Liverpool

by Kathryn Orr |

The Cancer research 10k run for life is fast approaching and we would like to invite you to join in with the Kate McIver team. We are running in remembrance of our beautiful founder Kate McIver and every other individual whose life has been sadly taken away by cancer or who are currently fighting this devastating disease.

Join the team today

The race takes place on the 7th of July in Sefton Park Liverpool at 11.00am but we are planning on meeting earlier at 10.00am to warm up with a celebrity personal trainer. There will be a few celebrities running to support the cause and the event will be full of friends and family such as Kate's sister who will be running, the Kate McIver Team, Sheree Murphy from Emmerdale will be waving us on and joining us afterwards at the Sefton Park Hotel for post run refreshments.

Our team want as many people to get involved to raise as much money as possible to help Cancer Research continue saving lives. The race for life this year has decided that boys can participate with the run this year, so everyone can join in and help fundraise!

Come along and invite your friends and family to take part and donate to this amazing charity and let’s unite to fight this disease and help Cancer Research to find a cure so that together we can save more lives.


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This stuff is just amazing. A friend mentioned it and said it would change my life and she was not wrong, after using it for two days I was able to stop wearing make up. Gives your skin such a lovely glow and feels so soft. I have always had really bad dry skin, especially around my eyes and it has just gone! Love it. I am glad I got let in on this little secret. Now I am telling people about it all the time. It is gorgeous!

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This has allowed me to give me all my confidence! With in a week my spots have cleared up and I can’t wait to see what a months progress will be like.

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I’ve been using this product for under two months and my skin is nearly clear! I can’t believe it my acne was really bad and nothing the GP prescribed me worked and just irritated and burned my skin! I am so pleased with the product I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with problematic skin. It’s amazing!!