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Exciting news as Kate McIver Skin is Cheshire Life's “must buy's” for June!!

by Kathryn Orr |

We are over the moon to announce that Kate McIver skin has been featured in Cheshire Life as their “must buy” for June!!

Kate McIver Skin Serum is going from strength to strength as the reviews keep flooding in... We are looking forward to featuring in more glossy's over the forthcoming months with the launch of our new products and celebrating the success of Kate's hero products the Secret Weapons serums.

Cheshire life have recently discussed the Secret Weapon Serum as being their “must buy” for June while highlighting to their readers how important our product is and how Kate McIver Skin is skincare for a cause..

We wonder what The Real Housewives of Cheshire think about our product? We have a few buying the product in secret and one who is very vocal about her love for the skin product @magali one of the Original House Wives of Cheshire.






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Actual liquid gold!!

I’ve suffered with acne for 11 years, and I’ve tried everything the herbal way, I’ve tried supplements and I’ve tried to make my own serums, but nothing has worked for me, then a friend recommended this to me and honestly it’s changed my life, my skin is still in the healing process but overall it looks so much calmer, and I’ve got no inflammation anymore on my face, it really is a secret weapon, I am so thankful that I have discovered this! 🤩💖💖💖

Love it

2 weeks in and I’m really impressed. My skin feels and looks better. I’m hoping the results continue to help clear up the acne. Already seeing improvements and even my psoriasis is reacting well!


I’ve struggled with my skin for over 3 years on and off. This time was one of the worst break outs I have ever experienced. The pictures were taken just over a month ago and I think they speak for themselves. I’m so happy with the results and I’m finally confident in my own skin again. I’m looking forward to what another month of use will do for my skin!

My Secret Weapon

I have seen so many products reviewed by celebs and great pics and always given most a go with dissapointing outcomes. I thought I would give this a go with no high hopes as I have been suffering with very dry skin. This has really changed my skin overall within the last couple of weeks. It is smoother and stays hydrated. I have even been going make up free which I never really do but I now go into work and feel so fresh faced and free to not have any make up on! I will definately be purchasing the original serum again! Thanks so much X


I’ve only had this product for 2 weeks and it’s amazing! would recommend!