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Menopause - we can't go around it, so we must go through it as much as it pains to say.

March 11, 2021

Menopause - we can't go around it, so we must go through it as much as it pains to say.

This one is for our Peri-menopausal and Post-menopausal ladies.

From the ladies in the Kate McIver Skin team who are not enjoying this Hellish time of Hormonal Days & Night flushes, we send our sympathy!

There are many side-effects to menopause, and unfortunately for us ladies, we can't go around it; we must go through it. 

Our hormones make their presence felt on our skin, so we thought we would share with you what we know and suggest - 

It all starts in peri-menopause, which can last for a few years this phase can be more unpredictable as you have surges of hormones and fluctuations are difficult to track and handle. When hormones fluctuate drastically, your skin can change when it experiences a drop in levels of Oestrogen.

Oestrogen plays such an essential role in your skin's wellbeing, and as it declines, your elastin and collagen will diminish too, and your skin can cause lack lustre, becoming very dull and dry skin. 

Dryness is due partly to the slowing down of sebaceous glands in the skin. The depletion of Hyaluronic Acid causes the skin to lose its capability to hold onto water, and unfortunately, it will look less plump. 

A decrease in collagen production, increased sensitivity and pigmentation are common. These skin changes might not affect you, and we hope they don't, but honestly, you will be in the minority, and you should count your blessings!

So, what can we do at Kate McIver Skin to help you remedy the side effects of menopause? 

Your focus needs to be on Hydration!

The obvious being to drink plenty of water and eat a well-balanced diet with antioxidant foods and supplements, which we recommend for everyone no matter their age. 

Regular time outdoors and physical exercise can both help to dial down stress and anxiety.  We have found as a team our Walks and Talks meeting have done us the world of good.

The power of touch and carrying out facial massage with nutrient-rich oils is a productive way of improving your self-care.  You can learn by following the expert Nicola Bellamy - The Face Fitness Choreographer Facial Massage on this link. 

You should seriously consider including into your daily routine the super hydrator, Hyaluronic Acid, and Essential oils that will help with menopausal skin locking in the Hydration. 

When your skin is adequately moisturised, it will help improve your complexion. Once your skin has a proper moisture balance, it should become smoother over time. 

Keeping your skin moisturised can also enhance skin-cell turnover and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

We are proud of the Hyaluronic Kakadu serum, which has outstanding multifunctional active ingredients for youthful, radiant skin and induces exceptional results on the skin-transforming the appearance of dull, tired and dehydrated skin. 

Anti-ageing - Moisturising - Pro-Collagen  

Clinical trials back up the results on the appearance of wrinkles and skin radiance- 

  • Includes multi-weighted forms of Hyaluronic Acid
  • Extracted from the Australian Kakadu plum, the world's highest source of vitamin C

Two results-driven ingredients brought together to Illuminate your skin, Protect and Reinforce the dermis for a beautiful skin aspect. Extracted from Kakadu plum, the world's highest vitamin C source and a Hyaluronic Acid with a mixed molecular weight of low, medium and high molecules will improve skin radiance & boosts skin luminosity.

See the results at the footer of the blog for % improvement in Wrinkles and Collagen when using this super hydrant.

Essential oils will help with menopausal skin locking in Hydration.

There are 13 Natural Oils in the Secret Weapons Serum, and they were selected to promote faster cell regeneration and strengthen your skin and restore its elasticity.

One of the ingredients is Sea Buckthorn, and we love the benefits of this super oil for its Anti-Aging qualities. Its believed that Sea buckthorn oil helps prevent wrinkles' development and protects the skin's surface from pollutants. Since this oil is full of nutrients that promote faster cellular regeneration, it can strengthen your skin and restore its elasticity.

All in all, it is perfect for a ladies menopausal skin.  See here for a list off all the ingredients included in our Award Winning Serum.

Finally, our Cleansing Balm was created to Respect and Protect your Skins Barrier with 16 Natural Ingredients with a key ingredient known to support menopausal skin, Geranium, balancing and nurturing the complexion.  

The benefits are both for the skin and your senses, this sweet herbaceous floral smelling oil nourishes the skin while its supportive actions calm the nerves experienced through the menopausal transition. 

This product was created to transport you to the Spa with its heavenly fragrance and we are all onboard that if something smells great our mood is enhanced pretty much straight away, so we are all for that.

We hope this information about how our products will help your skin and sense of well being.  If you ever need a chat about how your feeling our team are hear to listen.  We genuinely love a good chat about everything not just skincare and lets face our office "hot topic" pardon the pun is everything hormonal be whatever stage our customers and team are experiencing.

Team Kate McIver Skin xx


Kakadu Plum ingredient has been clinically proven to after 1 month:

  • Reduce wrinkle volume by 41%
  • Reduce wrinkle length by 39%
  • Boosts skin tone and evenness by 14%
  • Reduces skin redness by 2.2%
  • Increases skin brightness by 1.7%


  • Increases Antioxidant activity by 79%
  • Boosts New Collagen Synthesis by 144%
  • Stimulates VitC by 106%


  • Skin radiance enhancement after 15 days +21%
  • Skin radiance enhancement after 30 days +30%
  • 100% of the subjects demonstrated a positive effect.

If you want a high performing product that Induces skin brightening, reduces wrinkles and skin luminosity, this product is for you. 

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