Karen is not done yet! Watch her inspiring video appealing for all trials to recommence to give Cancer Warriors HOPE!

June 18, 2020

Karen is not done yet! Watch her inspiring video appealing for all trials to recommence to give Cancer Warriors HOPE!



I’m Karen, I am 48 and unfortunately I have an aggressive form of breast cancer called triple negative.

I am fiancée to Alistair and Mum to Tristan aged 13. Please help keep me alive as I’m not done yet! My son needs his Mum. Everyone needs a chance to live.


Clinical trials are often the last option once all chemotherapies have been exhausted. I am very quickly working my way through various chemo regimes, after which my only option left will be clinical trials.

Allow stage 4 cancer patients access to clinical trials now. People have time to wait until Covid passes, we don’t. Every second counts for us!

The UK’s largest cancer charity has warned that the Covid pandemic means it is unlikely to start any new trials until 2021. We are horrified at the long term impact of Covid on cancer research and what this means for patients. Cancer patients are likely to die sooner without access to trials.

We need the Goverment to take action NOW, and ensure that cancer treatment and clinical trials are not put on hold due to Covid research. Cutting off trials literally means cutting off lifelines for stage 4 cancer patients. This is heartbreaking, sanity must prevail!

It is estimated that 165,000 people will die from cancer in the U.K. as Covid research is putting other research on hold. This WILL impact the NHS more than Covid in the long run.

Without access to treatment and clinical trials during the Covid pandemic many thousands WILL die. Whilst it is important to find a cure or prevention drug for Covid, and knowing this may take many years to find, this shouldn’t be at the expense of those people who need treatment for other conditions, they WILL die. We have clinical trials in place so please let people access them and give them a chance to live. 

This could so very easily happen to you, to your partner, your son, your daughter, your parents, your friends......... STOP, think, how would you react?

Here is a video that my friends and family created to impact whomever watched it and to provide me with and my fellow Cancer Warriors with hope.

Other illnesses still exist and Cancer will still be around long after Covid has gone but sadly today’s sufferers may not be.

It’s very hard to die when you know that there is something out there that could extend your life and help you to live.

In a time of destruction, create something, create Hope.

Yours forever in hope,

Karen x






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