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"I never once for a minute thought that a skincare brand could post something that might save my life'" Hannah shares

March 22, 2021 1 Comment

"I never once for a minute thought that a skincare brand could post something that might save my life'" Hannah shares

Kate wanted her business to impact the lives of others positively. Hannah's story is everything Kate wanted her platform to achieve to stop Cancer in its tracks.

We regularly share Coppafeelpeople's posts with our audience, hoping it will remind people to check their breasts and introduce Secondary Breast Cancer Charity, Makes 2nds Count and the less commonly known secondary signs.

It feels so right to share with you Hannah's story, especially in the lead up to Kate's second anniversary.

Thank you Hannah x

It’s Tuesday 2 March, three days until my 32nd Birthday and I’m already excited for cake. My alarm has just gone off after already hitting ‘snooze’ as I sleepily fumble around with my phone to perform the morning ritual of checking Instagram. 

I eagerly look through stories, nothing fun happening there (sigh), so I proceed to posts, scrolling away looking for cute cats, I see a post from Kate McIver Skincare. As a self confessed skincare junkie I’m in love with their cleansing balm, if you’ve not tried it please do, it’s divine! The post is a regram from Copperfeel and it was a story from a young woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought how could this be? She’s so young and beautiful, how could this have possibly happened to her. She was discussing changes to the skin on her breast and this being the only outward sign of breast cancer and to speak to your doctor if you notice these or any other changes. My heart dropped. Right there and then I knew how stupid I’d been and the whole world became so small. 

About ten months ago I noticed the skin on my breast had changed in texture, but I put this down to lockdown weight gain and the fact that I’m blessed with a ‘full cup’. It wasn’t until I read this gorgeous young woman talk about skin changes that I even realised that this could be something more than overindulgence on my part. 

I scramble out of bed and immediately called my doctors surgery, I explained the situation and they said they would see me the very next morning. This was minor relief but the sinking feeling wouldn’t shake, I logged into work from home, as per my pandemic routine, but I couldn’t concentrate, I wanted to be physically sick. I knew this feeling, I’d had this feeling before, seven years before to be exact when I lived alone in London and was invited for my very first smear test. I had no idea what a smear test involved, only that my mum was very open with myself and my brother when we were younger and would inform us that we had to sit and wait in the reception for her whilst she had her smear test. I was used to hearing her talk about it so when the letter came I was reassured by how normal it was to have these and they were certainly nothing to be affair of. I attended my appointment and was told my the nurse at the surgery ‘these almost always come back clear, so I’ll probably see you again in five years’, I went home and didn’t give it another thought. Three days later I collected my post and there was a red ‘urgent’ stamped across one of the envelopes, presuming I’d been caught speeding I cursed myself as I tore open the letter, only to find that I my smear test had come back showing abnormal cells and that I had to call the doctors surgery immediately. They saw me within the hour. I trundled over to the surgery assuming they had gotten me mixed up with somebody else, the doctor sat me down and told me I was going to be referred to a consultant gynaecologist because my smear test had shown the early stages of cervical cancer. You could have knocked me down with a feather. I was 24, living in London, having a ball and had a budding marketing career. This was not happening. 

I called my mum on the way home whilst having a sort of outer body experience, she immediately got a train from Liverpool to London to be with me. She attended my appointments with me and some surgeries. It became clear that I couldn’t live on my own anymore, I needed help whilst recovering from surgery. I left my dream job, packed up and moved back home with my parents, they saw me through my major surgery and subsequent treatments. During the time from diagnosis to being told I was in the clear I would go through phases or crying, to complete calm, then there were times when I’d make this noise that I can only describe as that which a whale would make, a muted scream of sorts, no tears came out just this feral, guttural noise that I’d never made before or since.  


That morning on Tuesday 2nd March I worried I’d make that uncontrollable noise once more. My husband hurried home from work and I told my employer immediately, I’m so appreciative that they were so kind and compassionate. Once I had calmed down and started to think rationally I decided to DM Kate McIver Skincare, to thank them for sharing that post. Had I not seen it I probably never would have thought that these changes I was noticing in my own breasts could be sinister. I was met with the most caring and supportive woman writing back to me. I promised to let her know how I got on, and I felt really touched that somebody I had never met cared that I was going to be alright.

Being a fan and frequent user of the Kate McIver Cleansing Balm, I was familiar with the ‘about us’ section on their website so I knew that the founder and creator, Kate was dealt the devastating blow of not one but two cancer diagnosis before her far too early passing. What struck me most about Kate's story that she so bravely shared on her website, was how she invented the Cleansing Balm. Whilst having therapy for her cancer she noticed her skin changed and was sore to the touch, it was then that she decided to use her knowledge as a skincare guru to help others get through the pain of such invasive treatments.

With it’s all natural ingredients the balm soothes and hydrates sore skin. I thought how could a young mother be thinking about the welfare of others at a time like that, such selflessness and courage she had to do that.  

I never once for a minute thought that a skincare brand could post something that might save my life, but I’m so grateful that they did. My GP referred me to a breast cancer unit for some tests and turns out there is a benign cyst in my right breast. The relief was insurmountable. I got back in touch with the lady, Kathryn from Kate McIver Skincare and told her the great news, she shared in my delight. In that moment I wanted so much to thank Kate, for founding a company that is so much more than amazing skincare, it’s about loving and caring for each other.

I won’t be able to thank Kate but I would like to extend my gratitude to her family and friends for carrying her message through to that morning I saw that post. They could have saved my life by sharing that story and I will be forever grateful.

Hannah x


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Emma Rose
Emma Rose

March 25, 2021

This is a lovely blog, beautifully written. Simply down to Kate McIver Skin, I have a reminder in my phone, every month called “Boob Check Day”. The alarm goes off on the 23rd of each month, (ironically this was today). It makes me think of the same phrase every time I hear that alarm “feel my boobs” so I make a conscious effort to have a feel and have a look.

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