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Here comes the Sun, here comes the Pigmentation

April 26, 2021

Here comes the Sun, here comes the Pigmentation

Here comes the sun, but unfortunately for some of us  the  pigmentation Isn't far behind!

SPF is for all year round, but especially as the rays get more vigorous we need to lather it on.

You may be wondering what the cause of Melasma is let us provide an insight.

Melasma is darkening of the skin, usually in patches, and generally, you will see them on the face. The condition isn't painful but can last many years. Melasma, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and age spots cause some people to feel a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Women tend to experience Melasma more than men, although some research suggests there is a genetic element. Many pregnant women suffer from Melasma. It's known as the pregnancy mask and can affect them throughout their pregnancy and beyond. 

Danielle Lloyd shared her journey with Melasma and how she felt the Secret Weapon Limited Edition serum helped repair her skin. In her own words, "The MAGIC serum that is changing girls lives & giving back confidence". 

13 Natural vegan ingredients go into the Limited Edition serum, and these are key to helping to repair the skin, not just from Melasma but also from sun damage and age spots. Ton out blog today we will talk about five of these ingredients and their benefits -

Coconut oil brings countless benefits when it comes to our skin. Put simply; there isn't much it doesn't do. Its antioxidants prevent premature ageing; it keeps the skins surface smooth and retains moisture. It's rejuvenating, hydrating and promotes new skin growth due to its high Vitamin E content. 

Turmeric is more commonly known as an Indian spice, but it's a beauty powerhouse in its own right. It can reverse and repair dark circles on the skin with incredible results. 

Frankincense helps to even out skin tone, soothe skin, and due to these fantastic qualities, it also helps to reduce scars and promote the growth of new skin. 

Rosehip is a natural source of Vitamin C and a potent antioxidant; it provides a multitude of benefits for our skin. Rosehip packs a punch when it comes to hyperpigmentation and helps to restore the skins natural tone and promotes skin regeneration. 

Evening primrose oil is very effective at reducing hyperpigmentation, its key ingredients are essential fatty acids. This helps strengthen the skin's barrier and reduce moisture loss.



Customer Claire King shares - 

"Amazing!! I have been using Kate McIver serum for 18months and it has been a life saver!
I suffer with Melasma on my face, it was really starting to get me down so I tried anything to help. Nothing worked until I found this! It reduced the dark patches and brought my confidence back. Not only did it help with that it also calmed my skin down and stopped any spot outbreaks I was having and reduced the scarring which had been left from hormonal outbreaks.
I am now hooked and also use the hylauronic kakadu serum and the cleansing balm. These products are totally amazing. Not only do they smell great and make me feel like I’m having my own spa treatment......they have left my skin feeling and looking amazing. Lines are Noticeably reduced, skin is glowing and my confidence is back!!

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