Hear First Hand from our Customers..

October 29, 2021

Hear First Hand from our Customers..

Limited Edition Serum Reviews- Hear first-hand from our customers!
We have had some amazing before and after results of different customers of all different ages come into us lately, we couldn’t help but share it with you!
“Be patient and consistent”

This is our amazing Haffa’s acne transformation! These results speak for themselves... Look at the Kate McIver glow!

"When lockdown started, I started getting many inflamed pimples which was uncommon for me. I later started to have scaring from constantly picking at the pimples. After seeing amazing reviews of before and after pictures of other people I ended up getting one. After consistent use and time within a couple of months I was able to see tremendous progress in my skin. This serum reduced the inflamed pimples. I'm looking forward to continuing buying this serum because of how good it is. One thing I have to say for anyone who hasn’t bought this yet, is to be patient and consistent. Don’t assume that things will change in a couple weeks, it takes months for things to change and from person to person it’s a different process. For some change might appear faster than others. So keep using it"



"I bought the serum a month ago due to having a breakout on my face after wearing surgical masks in work that were rubbing against my face. The difference in just 4 weeks is amazing! My breakouts are vanishing, and my skin feels refreshed and clean. You can see an instant result after applying the serum, leaves my face looking glowy, fresh and natural. I can’t wait to see what my skin will look like in another 4 weeks! This is definitely a permanent part of my skin care routine now and would highly recommend! & thank you for the NHS discount ❤️"


"Change your Life"

This limited edition serum is... a life saver!
The original formula is amazing but this, as an adult and almost 30, having acne is a no no but this changed my life and gave me the confidence I needed! Also helped me fine myself because I accepted my skin and loved the results! Truly love this serum! After 3 years I’m still In love! The cleansing balm is phenomenal too!!



"Thank you so much for this product!! I have tried everything on my face over the years nothing has ever worked. Until I found this!! It’s completely changed my life!! I wouldn’t go out the house even took time of work to now feeling so confident with my skin! So THANK YOU X"

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