Happy World Vegan Month!

November 13, 2021

Happy World Vegan Month!

Happy World Vegan Month!
Every year the Vegan diet is constantly evolving! Supermarkets have many vegan products within their aisles compared to a decade ago! It has become alot more accessible to follow a Vegan lifestyle.
Did you know?
-There are currently around 78 million Vegans worldwide
-Famous vegans include Benedict Cumberbatch, Zac Efron, Beyoncé, Bill Clinton, Natalie Portman, Madonna, James Cameron, Joaquin Phoenix, and Michelle Pfizer
-Each Vegan saves the lives of 30 animals per year!
-Being a Vegan can add up to 4 years to your life!
So many of our products are Vegan even down to our Homeware products!
Here is a list of our top 3 Vegan products:
Our gorgeous Secret Weapon Candle which makes your room smell like our Staple Secret Weapon Scent!
The Room Spray is also an amazing addition to your homeware collection!
Who wouldn't want your home to smell like the luxurious Secret Weapon smell?
The Secret Weapon Limited Edition Serum is the perfect Vegan product for yourself or to gift someone this holiday season!
Helping people with Normal/Oily Skin who suffer from acne!
Want to throw the hint to your partner for Christmas?
Don't know what to buy your Vegan friend?
Look no further..

Our Candle & Serum Duo

Purchase together for £34.99 and save an amazing £14.99!




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