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Ellie, 17, Cancer Warrior inspired by Kate to share her story...

February 25, 2020

Ellie, 17, Cancer Warrior inspired by Kate to share her story...


Ellie Newport, 17 years – Cancer Warrior

I want to share parts of my Cancer story with anyone who wants to read, there are some parts that are too difficult to process but I'm hoping it may help someone like Kate and Ceri’s stories have inspired me to carry on.  Ceri even texted me to share encouragement she is a super star!

So, I just started to write because I felt it was time to get better and move on…

Here goes hope I don’t bore or upset too much haha!

In September 2018, I started unusual pains, sickness, tiredness, rashes, bruising.

I had multiple blood tests, yet nothing was picked up until the 16th of January 2019.

I was diagnosed with AML this is an aggressive and intense type of blood cancer. 

That same night I stayed in Alder Hey, Liverpool to start my first round of chemotherapy, unfortunately I got all the side effects which lead me to stay in over a month before getting discharged.

Life as I knew it changed in a matter of a day..

But, I made it to prom with my wig! Feel very brave sharing this picture -

I felt like I was losing me and was so frightened of dying... At one point I switched off to the world turning all social media off..

So glad I went back on as Kathryn, who works at Kate McIver (my friend Ava’s mum) asked so many celebrities to video me to try and pick me up and it worked it gave me such a boost!

I want to thank to Gemma Collins, Alex Bowen (OMG! he’s so fit!), Charlotte Dawsy, Gaby Roslin, Alex Cannon, and our family’s favourite footballer Steven Gerard sent me a veery uplifting message off the whole team.  My consultant Rob Wynn is a huge Liverpool fan and was even more excited than me when watching the video!

They found a match, a guy on the other side of the world..

7th of July, I was admitted and prepared for my transplant on the 17th.

My last chemotherapy made me extremely poorly once again.

All I could think of was pain relief, ride through the transfusions and feeding tubes – what the hell was happening to me!

8th of August, i got the news I was engrafted 100% doner match which was amazing news. 

6 weeks of ISOLATION post-transplant was pure torture, I swear to god I felt like I was going stir crazy..

When I thought I was just about to get my life back together after being discharged wham bam punch in the stomach again – COMPLICATIONS !!! 

The Teenage Cancer Trust helped to keep me sane!  When my friends came all the way to Manchester by train and car they welcomed them, ordered us Pizza, we even all spent the week before Christmas in matching Pj’s given to us by Nick from the trust, she was so amazing. 

On Christmas day I was allowed home for a few hours, although I felt like I was on another planet,  my best friends came around dressed as Santa and Elves and delivered presents from them and companies who had generously made my day – Doll Beauty, Say it With Diamonds, our local pub Joey Orrs and their customers collected so much money for me to spend in the sales.. There are so many good people in the world..

In October, I got rushed into hospital, what with Pneumonia and the transplant attacking my body.

It took 4 months to get discharged in January.  I can’t discuss this part of the journey as it was so dark..

Finally home..

Traumatic, life threatening disease over, well not quite..

I’m still on a long road and a  trying journey to recover but I’m on the road and I’m already enjoying seeing my hair grow back and spending time with my family and friends at home.

My whole cancer journey has been one tough rollercoaster and still to this day I am fighting anything that comes my way with my incredible family and friends by my side.   I don't know where I would be without them and understand how blessed I am more than ever.

Before this happened to me I was a typical teenage girl, loving and living my best life.  I have changed so much for the better as a person, and can’t believe actually what I’m going to write next..

I found my faith, which I can’t say I had or practised before albeit I went to a Catholic school all my life, I hadn’t realised the importance of my spirituality until I got Cancer.

Every night I sit with my mum and say my prayers thanking god for being by my side and I always send my worries up to heaven and trust that he will get me through.

As I said at the start of this blog, this isn’t my full story this is just parts of it, when you’re going through a time like this and you’re at your lowest point in life just don’t give up  keep trying.

Love Ellie ♥️

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