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"Another year passed without hearing your voice or enjoying your company, which I find more and more difficult to comprehend."

March 24, 2021

"Another year passed without hearing your voice or enjoying your company, which I find more and more difficult to comprehend."

A personal message to you all from Chris.

Another year passed without hearing your voice or enjoying your company, which I find more and more difficult to comprehend. An exhausting battle. At times suffocating. Another year of milestones coming and going that you, me, Lucia and our family and friends have missed, and what a cruel year it has been.

A lot of Kate's followers know how personable, open and honest she was throughout her fight, particularly in the last few months. She bared all in the hope that she would be able to raise awareness and help others that were enduring the same battle and were facing the same fears. I was blown away daily by the strength and selflessness my remarkable wife possessed, often in bed in pain but still finding the time to respond to messages and work to build her legacy for Lucia.

In my darkest days, I find the strength to carry on by reminding myself of one particular moment that Kate would have found insignificant at the time. Whilst Kate was undergoing Chemotherapy, Lucia was barely 2 years old - too young to understand what her mummy was going through. Kate made the decision that she would endure a cold cap during each session, which can reach -40 degrees Celsius, in the hope that she would maintain most of her hair to protect Lucia as much as she could. This meant that her sessions would be twice as long and would eventually induce physical nausea on the road to the car park at Clatterbridge. During one of her treatments, a very strong woman, twice Kate's age, entered for her first treatment very vocal and determined that she would beat the very slim odds of enduring the cold cap. Within minutes I saw the life drain from her after the realisation of how gruelling and painful it would be. Without a thought for her own struggle, Kate was offering words of encouragement and advice across the room, something which ultimately was overpowered by the immense discomfort. Kate's strength, bravery, resilience and will to help others, even when enduring such difficult circumstances herself inspires me every day.

When out of hospital, Kate spent countless hours desperately researching how she could not only help herself, but others too. She had a passion for taking care of people, which is why I'm so pleased to say she would be so proud and excited to see her company launch on The C-List. The C-List is a hub of information to help cancer patients along their journey and beyond with their skincare, something that otherwise could easily be taken for granted. Our values align perfectly with the amazing and much needed work they're doing to support and help people in some of the toughest moments of their lives. It feels so significant to be happening at Kate's two year anniversary.

I am so unbelievably proud of Kate, our daughter, what she has left and the work we're doing. Kate's vision and passion is always at the core of what we do, we see all of your kind words and loyalty to Kate's brand. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the support you've shown throughout and here's to a better 2021 for all and the continuation of supporting people in need.

Chris and family. xx


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