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3oz of my Sisters breast milk daily to try and keep me alive.. you couldn't write it..

by Kate McIver |

Well I never thought I would be downing my sister's breast milk rather than a cocktail at thirty to keep me alive!

This is by far the most bizarre thing this crazy disease has lead me to...

As you can imagine my family have been desperately researching how to keep me here.

Studies have show an enzyme in breast milk targets my type of cancer cells and breaks them down.

So, here I am drinking 3oz of my Sisters breast milk daily.

Jesus wept you literally couldn't write it..

You know when you think it makes so much sense... a women's body creates this potent formula to give her child and provide the best start in life, antibodies etc.

Imagine if a women could actually be responsible for killing cancer!

If anyones breast milk can F Cancer right off its my Sisters!!!

Love you Jane Cosstick it was delicious! 

What the experts say - 

The substance attacks cancer cells in numerous ways – first evading the cell’s outer defences, then targeting the ‘power station’ mitochondria and the ‘instruction manual’ nucleus. These actions cut off the cell’s energy source and ‘programme’ it to commit suicide, in a process called apoptosis.

If you want more information click on the link - 

Daily Mail reports about Breast Milk curing Cancer 

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What a difference!

I’ve been using this serum for roughly three weeks now, 4 drops every morning and evening. As you can see in the pictures, what a difference! My spots were horrific to begin with, but they’re so much better now! I still get a few spots here and there but so far, they are no way near as bad! I’d definitely recommend!

Just amazing! Found the little miracle I was looking for!

This stuff is just amazing. A friend mentioned it and said it would change my life and she was not wrong, after using it for two days I was able to stop wearing make up. Gives your skin such a lovely glow and feels so soft. I have always had really bad dry skin, especially around my eyes and it has just gone! Love it. I am glad I got let in on this little secret. Now I am telling people about it all the time. It is gorgeous!

Miracle in a bottle ✨🙌🏻

When I first found out I was pregnant I struggled with hormonal breakouts. I thought I was never going to feel comfortable in my skin again because I was limited to using products that contained acne clearing ingredients. I came across the limited edition serum and it saved my skin. Within a week I noticed my redness and texture had reduced , a month later I now have no breakout activity at all and my scarring is almost gone not to mention my skin texture is so smooth. I now feel comfortable again 🙌🏻✨ I will continue to carry this little bottle of magic with me everywhere . Thank you 🙏🏼

It gave me back my life!

This has allowed me to give me all my confidence! With in a week my spots have cleared up and I can’t wait to see what a months progress will be like.

Game changing Serum!!

I’ve been using this product for under two months and my skin is nearly clear! I can’t believe it my acne was really bad and nothing the GP prescribed me worked and just irritated and burned my skin! I am so pleased with the product I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with problematic skin. It’s amazing!!