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3oz of my Sisters breast milk daily to try and keep me alive.. you couldn't write it..

February 20, 2019

3oz of my Sisters breast milk daily to try and keep me alive.. you couldn't write it..

Well I never thought I would be downing my sister's breast milk rather than a cocktail at thirty to keep me alive!

This is by far the most bizarre thing this crazy disease has lead me to...

As you can imagine my family have been desperately researching how to keep me here.

Studies have show an enzyme in breast milk targets my type of cancer cells and breaks them down.

So, here I am drinking 3oz of my Sisters breast milk daily.

Jesus wept you literally couldn't write it..

You know when you think it makes so much sense... a women's body creates this potent formula to give her child and provide the best start in life, antibodies etc.

Imagine if a women could actually be responsible for killing cancer!

If anyones breast milk can F Cancer right off its my Sisters!!!

Love you Jane Cosstick it was delicious! 

What the experts say - 

The substance attacks cancer cells in numerous ways – first evading the cell’s outer defences, then targeting the ‘power station’ mitochondria and the ‘instruction manual’ nucleus. These actions cut off the cell’s energy source and ‘programme’ it to commit suicide, in a process called apoptosis.

If you want more information click on the link - 

Daily Mail reports about Breast Milk curing Cancer 

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