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32 year old, Mummy, Leah Singh, who celebrates her birthday today shares her inspiring story @blessedwithcancer

August 26, 2020

32 year old, Mummy, Leah Singh, who celebrates her birthday today shares her inspiring story @blessedwithcancer


A mother to a beautiful 5-year-old girl and a successful make up artist, 32-year-old Leah Singh was living a full and vibrant life until receiving some devastating news. On 2nd August 2019, her world came crashing down as she was diagnosed with an aggressive Grade 3 type of breast cancer, but what she has done throughout her cancer battle is truly inspiring!



During her time fighting breast cancer, whilst undergoing debilitating treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Leah made a succession of vlogs documenting her journey. These video diaries soon became a huge hit and have inspired countless cancer patients and friends and relatives of those going through the same battle.



 Leah told us: “It’s difficult to explain, but I am very in tune with my body and last year I could just sense that something was wrong. When I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer I was terrified at first but there was no time to be scared as it was all systems go straight from the off. It was a whirlwind and immediately I was booked in for hospital appointments and treatment.”

She continued: “I decided early on that I wanted to document my journey in order to help others understand what it’s like for someone going through a cancer battle. I documented my feelings and everything that was happening, including shaving my hair off on video. I decided to call it Blessed With Cancer as it has made me stronger and given me the chance to help others.”

Following her diagnosis, Leah underwent an intensive 12 week course of chemotherapy, inducing a premature menopause, so decided to eat healthy plant based food — as well as meditating, taking cannabis oil, special teas and a cancer diet from chef Danny McDonnell.  At the beginning of her treatment, she went to the gym every day and climbed Snowdon for charity — being part of the first group to make it to the top of the mountain. 






Leah explained: “I decided to live as healthy as possible but most importantly, I think a positive mental attitude was a crucial in helping me get through the cancer battle. I was very lucky that we had caught the cancer early and the lump in my breast had disappeared after four weeks, but I needed to complete the treatment and the chemotherapy became quite horrific — really nasty.”

At times, the powerful chemotherapy became unbearable for Leah, but fighting for her life, remaining positive and her commitment to helping and inspiring others through her vlog kept her going. Leah also told us that having support from friends and family is a vital factor in helping to get you through it.

Leah said: “It’s during a difficult time like this that you find out who your friends are — people can be so kind and supportive. I made sure that I remained positive at all times and had positive people around me — I think that was a huge factor in my survival, the same way fear and negative energy lowers your vibrations and can make you ill.”

Check out Lean Sings much loved Instagram page Blessed With Cancer 

Thank you to Justin Hopper, editor of  La Vida Liverpool for sharing Leah's interview to share with our audience xx


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